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The Institute delivers this course through the University of Technology Sydney.

  • Purpose

    This Foundation training program outlines the key principles and practices of Lean Six Sigma. It is an ideal introduction for those new to this methodology, or for those keen to consolidate their training and knowledge in this area. Not just theoretical, the Lean Six Sigma Foundations program gives participants an opportunity to test out how the methodology works in a hands-on simulation project. Completing the workshop aids in decision making about future development in the Lean Six Sigma field. Leaders attending the course can start to shape their Improvement Program plans. Any intact team attending the workshop will build a common language and understanding to enable them to work well as an improvement team, and so drive change in the culture and behaviour of people in the organisation.

  • Who Should Attend

    • Executives & Senior Managers – likely sponsors/champions for improvement projects
    • Members of improvement teams needing a common approach or “common language”
    • Project Managers, Improvement Project Facilitators or Coaches
    • Individuals interested in this field as a career

  • Duration & Outline

    Duration: one day (8:30 to 5:30) but can be tailored to suit specific needs of the organisation.

    Broadly following the classic improvement journey (DMAIC), this program combines Lean & Six Sigma in a unique way. A simulation improvement project is intrinsic to participants’ learning, providing a high level of interactivity and practical application. This enables participants to apply and test their newly-acquired knowledge in a risk-free environment.

    By incorporating this practical hands-on improvement project, participants are able to learn how to deliver and manage organisational improvement in a fun and realistic way. Theory is important, but the real test lies in the ability to put this knowledge into practice.

  • Course Objectives

    • Identify the key principles and concepts underpinning the Lean Six Sigma methodology
    • Recognise the roles and responsibilities for effective Business Improvement projects
    • Develop a working knowledge of the Lean Six Sigma Business Improvement Model
    • Develop skills in improvement planning-the Improvement Plan and a PDSA Cycle Plan
    • Harness and enhance fundamental analysis techniques

  • Pricing

    For pricing see Course Fees.

    For tailoring a program that suits your needs, please contact us.

  • Download Brochure

    To download a brochure of the Lean Six Sigma Foundations Course please click here.


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