Intensive program equipping participants to deal with high return, high risk, complex organisational issues using sophisticated analysis, solution development and change management techniques.
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The Institute delivers this course through the University of Technology Sydney.

  • Purpose

    To remain a leader in their industry, high performing organisations sustain efforts to improve their key value streams, helping them realise their organisational strategy. Such organisations develop high level capability and skills to deliver strategic change. The Black Belt Program is designed to address this need. Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Project Managers are equipped
    to deliver complex improvement projects across an organisation’s business groups. Project Managers will be able to draw on sophisticated business analysis tools, creative solution development techniques, effective facilitation approaches, and business improvement governance models learned through the Lean Sigma Black Belt program.

  • Who Should Attend

    • Improvement Project Managers with responsibility for complex improvement projects
    • Senior Managers with a responsibility for leading improvement programs in an organisation or business unit

  • Duration & Outline

    Duration: 2 x 5 five days, four weeks apart, but can be tailored to suit specific needs of the organisation. These two further stages in the Black Belt program assume that knowledge and skills from Stage one (Green Belt) are well developed. A number of related streams of learning are addressed over the 2 weeks covering : Organisational Analysis and Project Selection,

    Advanced Facilitation and Communication Techniques, Advanced Measurement Planning and Evaluation, Control Chart Construction and Capability Analyses, Planned Experimentation – from One Factor to Fractional Factorial Designs & Advanced Concepts, Creative Solution Development Techniques and Change Management Approaches, and finally Design for SixSigma models and methods.*

    The program is intense and highly experiential. Participants have numerous opportunities to work through each element in small groups, which are each coached by an expert Black Belt Facilitator. This builds high competency and high confidence. Minitab and Quality Companion are used as vehicles for learning where appropriate. Temporary licences are provided.

  • Course Objectives

    The Black Belt program (stages 2 & 3) aims to equip individuals with the knowledge and skills to:
    • Lead complex projects requiring coordination across various groups
    • Help identify organisational changes required to maintain or accelerate peak performance
    • Facilitate the implementation of improvements by using advanced tools and techniques
    • Develop and lead teams of people to carry out the identified changes
    • Program manage a number of similarly directed improvement initiatives
    • Lead a Lean Six Sigma program for an organisation or business unit
    • Act as mentors for Green Belt Project Managers.
    Note: More detailed objectives for each stage reflecting learning in content areas above* are available

  • Pricing

    For pricing see Course Fees.

    For tailoring a program that suits your needs, please contact us.

  • Brochure

    To download a brochure of the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Course please click here.


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