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  • Overview of Yellow Belt – Rapid Improvement / Kaizen Certification Program

    The Yellow Belt level of certification is for the completion of a simpler improvement project. This level of application of improvement methodology often involves the use of Lean concepts and tools in the identification of waste (particularly cycle time). Simpler planning tools are used like the A3 format or the PDSA format. Likewise, foundational measurement and analysis techniques are used oriented to Lean thinking and understanding the degree of waste across a target value stream.

    The Rapid Improvement course covers the various competencies assessed through the project. They deal with demonstration of planning, measurement, analysis capability and the capacity to facilitate the relevant workshop(s) and engagement with the people involved. Measurable improvement must be demonstrated at the end of the project.

  • What is the expected Scope to be covered in RAPID IMPROVEMENT Projects?

    • The scope of the problem is simpler and can be dealt with in a 3 month timeframe.
    • Few people are affected by the issue or the changes and there is usually only one senior stakeholder involved.
    • Initial phases (Define, Measure) are completed prior to a workshop – data collected, a workshop is planned etc.
    • Then a workshop is conducted and executed where the Analyse and Develop work is completed and implementation is planned.
    • The plan is then executed after the workshop.
    • This is about 90 days or less (Kaizen Events). Again, measures are checked to see if improvement has occurred.
    • Here the methodology is a little bit more formal that “Just Do It”. So there may be a short form plan, there may be clear stages the project goes through but these stages may be collapsed and covered at the same time – in meetings / workshops etc. A simple report of the outcomes can be circulated. The ideal situation would be for an Improvement Project Manager to have experienced conducting this level of application before embarking on a Green Belt type project.
  • What does the Certification Process involve?

    • Participants must formally enrol in the program
    • Guidelines and Support material is provided to all participants upon enrolment.
    • One brief initial coaching discussion is provided once a plan has been developed.
    • Further coaching is available if required.
    • Participants are allowed 6 months to complete the project and submit work from the time of enrolment in the certification program.
    • The portfolio of work must be submitted as per the provided requirements. This is simply the plan and the storyboard that goes with the work usually in an A3 format or something similar.
    • A brief one hour presentation is made by the participant to the assessors.
    • The work is assessed and the results and certificate sent to the participant
  • Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) for Yellow Belt Training

    The Institute recognises that people will have completed training elsewhere. In such cases the participant needs to contact the institute and provide evidence of prior learning. This will be discussed on contact with LSSBEI.

  • Pricing

    For pricing see Course Fees.

    For tailoring a program that suits your needs, please contact us.


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