Overview – Lean Six Sigma

Bringing about change that is a measurable improvement and is sustained

About Organisational Improvement and Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma is the globally recognised best practice methodology for organisational improvement. Organizations of different sizes and types have used this disciplined, evidence–based approach, to transform and sustain high levels of performance. Amazing benefits have been achieved including reduced cycle times, reduced waste and costs, expanded capacity releasing capital, increased sales, improved customer loyalty and subsequently improved revenue and margins.

Lean Six Sigma and Organisational Excellence

Lean Sigma programs flourish and are sustained in an organisational environment that creates and operates leadership and management practices directing continuous improvement strategically. The Business Excellence Management philosophy provides such a framework for a broader set of practices in which Lean Sigma is a key component. The use of Excellence Frameworks has been in place globally and has been effective in helping organisations sustain high levels of organisational performance. Amongst the well known Excellence Frameworks are the Australian, The European and the Baldridge (USA).

Organisational Improvement Framework for Capability Development

High quality education is essential to any organisation or individual wishing to implement organisational Improvement projects for a real-life outcome. The Lean Six Sigma Business Excellence Institute (LSSBEI) offers intensive and progressive programs in Lean Six Sigma and Business Excellence through institutions like the University of Technology (UTS). Both development programs and consulting services have been delivered for the last 12 years across the Asia Pacific region. Our courses are recognised as some of the best in the world with the most contemporary content, expertly delivered in an experiential learning mode. Participation in programs offers the opportunity to achieve industry recognized certification in this field. A summary of the Lean Six Sigma Programs are listed below together with a graphical summary. These programs can be tailored to suit the needs of organisations.

  • Foundations – White Belt (1 day intensive introduction)
  • Rapid Improvement Methods – Yellow Belt (2 days)
  • Green Belt / Black Belt Stage 1 (5 day improvement project manager / facilitator – Foundational Black Belt Knowledge and Skills)
  • Black Belt Stage 2&3 (10 day improvement project manager – advanced knowledge and skills, split over two sessions)
  • Black Belt Stage 2 – (5 day program) advanced organisational analysis, planning and measurement knowledge and skills, advanced facilitation and stakeholder engagement techniques
  • Black Belt Stage 3 – (5day program) advanced analytical / statistical techniques, Design of Experiments, advanced Change Management and Creativity Techniques and Design for Six Sigma methodology knowledge and skills
  • Certification (to attain qualification of Yellow Belt, Green Belt and Black Belt)
  • Leading for Lean Six Sigma (half day to 2 days for leaders and management teams)
  • Sponsoring Improvement Projects (half day)
  • Coaching Skills for Improvement Project Managers (half day)
  • Master Black Belt / Organisational Improvement Executive

Who is using Lean Six Sigma?

All forms of organisations are using Lean Six Sigma with great success. Business, Government and Educational organisations are all able to customise Lean Six Sigma to their unique requirements.


What are the benefits of using Lean Six Sigma

There is a wide range of benefits of using Lean Six Sigma for the organisation and individuals.

Some key benefits are:

Organisational benefits

  • Enhance organisational capability
  • Closing the gap between strategy and actual performance – so enabling sustainable high performance
  • Create a ‘common language’
  • Accelerate problem solving
  • Increase organisational resilience to change (current research indicates that 75% of organisations that use Lean Six Sigma methodologies report significant financial benefits)

Individual career benefits

  • Update your business skills
  • Gain globally recognised qualifications
  • Enhance your career options (experienced Black Belts are highly sought after and can earn >$200K / yr)

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