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  • Purpose

    A critical success factor in sustaining a Lean Six Sigma program is the strategic application of the principles and practices of the methodology over time. This work is the responsibility of Leadership. Not surprisingly Leadership has proven to be a major factor impacting the success of improvement projects.

    The program builds leaders’ understanding of Lean Sigma from a strategic perspective, focusing on the application of key leadership practices and the broader Business Excellence Framework to drive a culture conducive to learning, improvement and high performance. This workshop goes beyond simply undertaking a course. It involves learning by applying concepts and tools to the real organisational situation, and identifying improvement opportunities that address key organisational issues (strategic thinking in a Lean Six Sigma context).

  • Who Should Attend

    • Senior Leadership team of an organisation – Senior Executives
    • Senior Leadership team of a key organisational business unit
    • Improvement Program Managers, Lean Sigma Master Black Belts, Black Belts
  • Duration & Outline

    Duration: two days (8:30 to 5:30) but can be tailored to suit specific needs of the organisation. Preparation involves collection of information about the organisational context. The first day of the workshop will establish a core set of concepts, language, principles, techniques and perspectives about Organisational Improvement and Lean Six Sigma for leaders. It will also demonstrate why certain leadership practices are essential for improvement initiatives. Skills in commissioning and planning improvement projects are practiced including developing a list of opportunities for improvement. A fun simulation improvement project will be the vehicle for this.

    The second day draws on the information collected & on the understanding developed, to consolidate a real plan for improvement. Assessment is conducted on the current application of five key leadership practices that drive & sustain continuous improvement in the organisation. A facilitated planning session is used to select real improvement initiatives that the organisation needs to undertake. This is based on a review of the organisation’s strategy.

  • Course Objectives

    • Establish a common understanding of improvement methods and the role of senior leadership in establishing and sustaining a high performance organisation
    • Understand and assess the five key leadership behaviours conducive to a practical application of continuous improvement
    • Develop a list of key improvement initiatives (potential improvement projects) based on organisational strategy, key processes, and current business results
    • Enhance leader’s skills to champion improvement programs and projects
    • Know how to establish and lead a good system of governance for continuous improvement
  • Pricing

    For pricing see Course Fees.

    For tailoring a program that suits your needs, please contact us.

  • Download Brochure

    To download a brochure of the Lean Six Sigma Leading for Improvement Course please click here.


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